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UB-AQUAREMID is a unique blend of scientifically proven, non-pathogenic Probiotic strains developed to maintain the delicate pond ecology. Different strains of Bacillus sps. act at different levels of pond ecosystem by producing large quantities of enzymes that include Protease, Amylase, Glucanase and Phosphate solubilizers enzymes. In addition Aspergillus sps. (Cellulolytic and Amylolytic fungi) produce lactase and cellulase enzymes. Saccharomyces sps. convert polysaccharides to simple sugars by utilizing ammonia as nitrogen source and reduce ammonia levels. The continuous supply of enzyme complex results in degradation of complex organic matter to their elements on continuous basis resulting the pond bottom more clean, safe and healthy.

Composition Unique blend of scientifically proven, non-pathogenic Probiotic strains of Bacillus sps., Lactobacillus sps, Cellulomonas sps and Saccharomyces sps
Dosage 5 days before stockings ,5 days after stockings 200 gm. - Mix in 100 Ltrs Water / Hectare
Once in 15 days upto 85 days 500 gm. - Mix in 100 Ltrs Water / Hectare
After 85 days 1 Kg -1.5 Kg - Mix in 100 Ltrs Water / Hectare
Storage Store in a cool and dry place
Mode of Application Mix as per the dosage in 100 liters of water
Stir the Mixture and Spread the Mixture evenly on the pond surface or as directed by the Aquaculture consultant
Shelf Life Best before 24 months from the date of manufacture
Presentation 500g and 1Kg

Benefits of UB-AQUAREMID

  • Strains are adaptable to different pH and salinity conditions
  • Removes organic load of pond bottom and reduces the pollution of the pond
  • Reduces ammonia levels
  • Inhibits Vibrio, other pathogenic bacteria and reduces bacterial toxins in the pond
  • Ensures healthy environment for the Prawn , Fish, & Shrimp by reducing BOD and increasing DO levels
  • Reduces the frequency of water exchange
  • Reduces the mortality rate