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Premium probiotic feed supplement for Healthy Birds

Composition Each gram of PROLACT-C contains:
9 Probiotic Cultures - 5.5 billion cfu/g
Seaweed Extract
Storage Store in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
Shelf Life Best before 24 months from the date of manufacture
Presentation 1Kg and 5Kg pouch

Benefits of PROLACT P

  • Improves feed utilization, FCR & body weight
  • Ensures healthy balanced gut microflora and reduces digestive upsets
  • Reduces disease incidence and mortality rate
  • Controls pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella, E.coli, Shigella, Pasteurella and other putrefactive bacteria
  • Suppresses production of harmful substances such as ammonia, indoles, phenols and hydrogen sulphide
  • Enhances egg production and laying time
  • Improves egg size and quality of meat
  • Reduces feed cost, medicine cost, management cost and renders profits to the farmer
  • Maintains peak production & hatchability in breeders
  • Increases digestive capabilities
  • Suppresses the antinutritional factors in feed and increases the nutritive value
  • Hydrolyzes the nutrients to be absorbed by the digestive tract
  • Ensures better growth and increases survival rate


Poultry Type Age Quantity of Prolact-P (in water / feed)
CHICKS 0-8 weeks 100g / 10000 birds in water
GROWERS 8-18 weeks 50g / ton of feed
LAYERS 20-72 weeks 50g / ton of feed
BROILERS 1-10 days 50g / 5000 birds in water/100gm ton of feed
11-30 days 100g / 5000 birds in water/50gm ton of feed
0-34 days
(for better body weight)
200g / 1 Ton feed
BREEDERS 1-8 weeks 100g / 5000 birds in water
0-72 weeks 100 - 150g / ton of feed