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Premium probiotic supplement for disease free Healthy Cattle

Composition Each gram of PROLACT-C contains:
6 Probiotic Cultures - 5.5 billion cfu/g
Seaweed Extract
Calf 10g/head/day
Cow / Buffalo First 10 days - 10 g/head/day; after 10 days - 5 g/head/day
Storage Store in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
Shelf Life Best before 24 months from the date of manufacture
Presentation 100g/250g/500g/1Kg pouch

Benefits of PROLACT C

  • Enhances milk production, milk fat and milk protein in cattle
  • Improves appetite and reduces digestive upsets
  • Improves feed utilization, FCR & body weight
  • Reduces rumen ammonia and stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in rumen
  • Improves fertility rate and reduces inter calving period
  • Enhances body immunity & reduces the use of antibiotics
  • Increases digestive capabilities
  • Suppresses the antinutritional factors in feed and increases the nutritive value
  • Hydrolyzes the nutrients to be absorbed by the digestive tract
  • Ensures better growth
  • Reduces the mortality rate