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Unique probiotic formulation with fortified Saccharomyces Boulardii

Yeast, Saccharomyces sp. as growth promoters for ruminants was first reported in 1925. Yeast cultures as feed additive are safe and have advantage over chemical growth promoters. These strains are proven to be effective in both lactating and growing ruminants. Saccharomyces boulardii acts by causing changes in ruminal fermentation, increased bacterial activity, which in turn leads to increased degradability of forages and flow of microbial protein from the rumen.

Benefits of UB-BIOSAC

  • is a non-pathogenic, probiotic yeast
  • increases the activities of intestinal brush border enzymes such as Disaccharidases, Glucosidases, Alkaline Phosphatases, and Aminopeptidases thus enhancing nutrient digestion and absorption
  • Modulates the immunity by boosting intestinal secretion of IgA
  • Decreases numbers of disease causing organisms
  • Stimulates the growth of cellulolytic bacteria
  • Controls non-specific diarrhea


POULTRY Chicks 10g/1000 birds/day
Pullets 10g/500 birds/day
Layers 10g/250 birds/day
Broilers 1-10 days : 10g/ 500 birds/day
11-35 days : 10g/125 birds/day
Breeders 1-12 weeks : 10g/500 birds/day
11-35 days : 10g/125 birds/day
CATS Kittens 0.5g/day
Adults 1g/day
PETS 0.5g/day/20 Lbs Wt 1g/day/40 Lbs Wt
CATTLE Calf 10g/day
Cow 20g/day
HORSE Pony 10g/day
Adults 15-20g/day
SHEEP & GOAT 5 - 10 Kgs body Wt 0.5g/day
20 - 40 kgs body Wt 1g/day
SWINE Piglets 0.5-1g/day
Adults 1-1.5g/day

Shelf Life Best before 24 months from the date of manufacture
Presentation 250g, 500g and 1Kg
Storage Store in cool and dry place